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About Our Business

Trendy Cosmetics Line Products in Memphis

Enhanced by Jazz is a cosmetic line based in Memphis that offers a wide range of high-quality lip products. Our product range includes lip glosses, matte lipsticks, lip oils, lip cremes, and more, all designed to keep your lips looking and feeling their best. Our lip products are made with natural and organic ...

How Our Products Can Improve Your Lips

Using a good quality lip gloss can do wonders for your lip's health. Lips are one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of our face, and they require extra care and attention. While most of us tend to focus on the appearance of our lips, it is equally important to keep them healthy and nourished. A good lip ...


I absolutely love lipsticks and lipgloss that I brought. I highly recommend these products because the products last longer than any other lipstick...  Read more
Feb 21, 2024
Erica King
Apr 26, 2023
Tijuana Norris


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